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HP D60 questions:

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I picked up two HP Dana 60's one is complete( BOM # 610023-6) the other is in need of short side inner Dana Spicer Axleshaft and outer (stub) Dana Spicer Axleshaft what is a good source for these, stock replacements are fine. I searched the vendor forum but nothing. Somehow it busted the ends off the shafts, other then that it is all there. Looking at BV front D60 site it looks like I need:

short side inner # 660182-11 @ 18.68 “ long.

However I can't get the BOM off this one, the other one I have is a 78-79 snowfigter, Both HP60's look to be the same unit, however there is also an other part number listed:

short side inner #660182-1 @ 15.97 “ long.

There are no notes for this one however, why is this one shorter?

Is dutchman the only outfit that does this? They don't need to be custom I would just like to put it together to sell it.
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After reading through mr N article I can see what is happeneing:


Althogh mostyl about 44's he has some good info on 60's.

Thisis what he said:

"This axle runs from 1985-1991.5 and has the stronger king pins. Notice the very short drivers side tube, this is a limiting factor and a reason this axle is not as sought after as the 77.5-79 style."

So I guess this is where the shorter axles come into play. The D60's from 85-91.5 have a shorter short side. I would then asume that I need the longer short side as BV stated in his web site. Do I have this correct?


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