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I am selling a 1978 HP Dana 60/1980 Chevy Front 60

Condition of the Ford: It is missing the carrier/gears and nothing else. This is NOT a junkyard axle...it was in my truck and has been maintained and kept up properly. No hidden sins with this axle, the knuckles are nice and uncracked, the spindles,hubs,rotors are all 100% useable on a daily driver...it does not need a complete rebuild like most axles this vintage.

Also available but not for sale unless you purchase the axle are, almost fresh 5.38 RC gears, also a complete set of spare inner and outer shafts, along with a open 35 spline carrier. Again these parts NOT for sale unless the axle is sold first.

I also have a 1980 Vintage Chevy Dana 60 4.10's open carrier complete minus lockouts. I can include spring plates in the sale if a Chevy owner is interested and again although this axle is not much to look at *farm truck* it is mechanicaly fit and should need very little in the way of work to be useable. (king pins and wheel bearings/axle shaft joints apparently replaced last year)

Both these axles will be hitting E-bay by the first of the year...I am offering them here first to anyone interested.

The axles are located in Wisconsin and I can get pictures if someone so desires...(snow may cover most anything of interest) I would prefer not to ship...if someone is interested that would require shipping, contact me via E mail and we can discuss it.

Ford 60 $1300 FIRM
Chevy 60 $800 or I E-bay it.

[email protected]
Zip: 53920
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