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> You might want to contact you congressman and ask them to please cosponsor
> this bill. Also, suggest an email to Rep Young with a thank you for
> introducing this bill. His email is: [email protected]
> HR 883 To preserve the sovereignty of the United States over public lands
> and acquired lands owned by the United States, and to preserve State
> sovereignty and private property rights in non-Federal lands surrounding
> those public lands and acquired lands.
> Letter from Congressman Young to Colleagues.
> March 14, 2001
> "The American Land Sovereignty Protection Act"
> Dear Colleague:
> The American Land Sovereignty Protection Act protects our
> traditional Constitutional principles by keeping international agreements
> and programs from operating within the United States without
> Constitutional restraints. Specifically, this legislation asserts the
> Constitutional power of Congress over management and use of lands
> belonging to the United States by Congressional approval of international
> land designations by the Executive Branch. Over the years, Congress has
> given too much authority to the Executive Branch, either through
> legislative delegation, or in some cases, inadequate oversight. In the
> 106th Congress, this bipartisan legislation (H.R. 883) had 183 cosponsors
> and passed the House by a voice vote.
> Over the last 25 years, an increasing expanse of our nation's public
> lands have been included in various international land reserves, most
> notably 47 United Nations Biosphere Reserves and 20 World Heritage Sites.
> These reserves have been created with virtually no congressional
> oversight, no hearings, and in the case of biosphere reserves no
> legislative authority. The public and local governments are almost never
> consulted.
> These international agreements have several significant adverse
> effects on the American system of government:
> _ Domestic land use policy making authority is farther centralized at
> the Federal/Executive Branch level
> _ The role that ordinary citizens have in making land use policy
> through their elected representatives is diminished
> _ The Executive Branch may invoke these international agreements in an
> attempt to administratively achieve an action within the jurisdiction of
> Congress, but without consulting Congress.
> Help put these international land use programs under
> control of Congress by cosponsoring the American Land Sovereignty
> Protection Act. Please contact John Rishel on my staff at 60242 for more
> details.
> Sincerely,
> Congressman for all Alaska

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