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I recently bought a different style chassis and am about to do it up. I'm offering a smokin package deal for The Hulk Chassis + Extras. Im currenlty taking the rig apart and will be complete this Sunday (1-20-13). Will take some individual pics of the listed items once disassembly is done and will add the pics to this thread. The pics below are so you can get a basic idea of the buggy layout and stance.

All work to the buggy was performed by Pringle Fab here in Spring, Texas (20 miles north of Houston, Texas)

$4900.00 (No trades or seperating items please. Using 100% of the funds on the new buggy)

Shoot me a PM or text if you have any questions. Thanks, Jeremy. 281-840-9979

The rig is currently set up to fit the following equipment:

Multiport FI 496 BBC (SBC will bolt up to motor mounts as well)
TH400 Transmission
Atlas II Transfer Case
16"- 18" Shocks
Rockwell Axles
PRP Seats
4 linked front & Rear
Front and Rear Steer

The following items are all on the chassis and are included for $4900.00 Most of the items included in this deal are the time consuming pain in the rear items when building. All of that is already done for you on this thing.

Posion Spider 4 Seat modified Chassis (167" Long - 52" Wide) 1.75" x .120 Wall DOM

All 8 links for front and rear 4 link system.
(I can give buyer the link calculations if needed to adjust their axle housing brackets for placement) (Heims not included)

All 8 link brackets

All Shock Brackets

Steering Orbital Mount

Winch Plate

Head Lights

Tail Lights

20 gallon Fuel Cell

Aluminum Skins (hulk graphics are vinyl wrapped onto the panels. Can be peeled off if you wanted to change the theme to what ever you would like)

Aluminum Floor Board

Complete Gas pedal assembly + Pedal

Complete Brake pedal assembly + Pedal

Rocklights - all four corners

6 switch panel in dash

4 Gauges in dash (Tach | Oil Pressure | Volts | Engine Temperature)

Motor Mounts (will fit BBC or SBC)

Trasnfer Case Mount

3/8" Steel Belly Pan

Radiator Mounts

Steering Reservior mount

Hood posts / clips + Hood

All seat mounts

All harness mounts

1-3/4" Block Hugger Headers (BBC)

Complete 3" Dual Exhaust from Headers to rear

2 - FM Super 10 Mufflers

NOTE: If you have interest in the seats, add $1000. Seat are green and black PRP suspension fronts. Rear is a mataching PRP green and black 48" Bench. I easily fit my 10, 8 and 3 year old no problem. If kids are not going to be an issue, the chassis and rear seat allows space for two adults to sit comfortably as well. Not willing to sell front and rear seats seperate.

NOTE: I also have a Detroit Locker (for rockwell) in perfect condition for sale. $390.00 Shipped.




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Chassis is still available. I was able to get it all disassembled today. Finally tomorrow ill get some pictures of it striped down ready to go. Proof of a lot of work today:
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