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Hummer rims on my zuk

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I fabbed centers for my hummer rims out of 3/8s steel and finally got them on my ride. 1" backspacing on an 85 toyota axle. The picture is with 36 TSL tires. Sure is nice to run 5 psi without the bead coming off. Ended up being a little wider than I had planned but I'm still :D .


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My side pic didn't post. I'll try again today. I cut the centers with a CNC plasma, and drilled the bolt holes at work. A sheet of 3/8 steel ain't cheap, and I really think that the 50 bucks that some vendors are asking for the centers is not to much. I would order some before I made them again. I am using PVC lock rings that I also made using 16.5 forced sewer pipe rated for 165 psi ( it is an inch thick). The only down side is how much these things weigh.
I would not cut down runflats, because it can be dangerous and because if using swampers the tire bead might be wider than what the stock runflats and rim can handle. If you can get the pipe cheap (got mine free, one bell mouth end was damaged) cut it 7-7.250 inches wide with a jig saw or router and grind in a 15 degree bevel on the edges. Or buy them with the centers. Unfortunatly if you but all the parts an rims you could have 700 bucks in them :( and still need to weld and paint.
1 BS inch on an 8 inch rim ain't bad, hopefully.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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