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Well I got an Husky (not the dog) as trade for some graphic stuff I did :D
and always planned to drop it in the tub of my D90 Tdi, better view of the spooling,easy of maintenance,plus it could have been removed when needed...

I struck another sweet deal with Equipe 4x4 and got their rear mount kit, so 2 x chassis brackets (they mirror the Td5 chassis brackets supporting the fuel tank) and spacers, 2 x upper brackets and a winch tray.

Of course the winch tray being designed for the average winch didn't work with the Husky so I had to bin it and start again from scratch...:rolleyes:

So here's the pig in place and the Cube being hooked for an easier life...

Tdi tub brackets have to go to make room for new ones

Equipe brackets in place,sort of bridge from chassis rails to x-member

tolerances were almost non existent so there was no way to put the spacers in place and we had to grind some metal away,this left a few mm gap at the x-member which will be filled...another weekend...

now ready for some coats of black,re-wiring of the pig and in-cab control...
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