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hey Merv,

why not use the twin belts like the military FFR 2.25 series used to use?

shouldn't be a problem trying to cobble together the double lower pulley to run the twin belts, abd the mount the pump where the AC compressor would normally go (or in the case of the very few 200Tdi FFR vehicles (actually, only prototypes) fit the compressor on the top of the cam casting.


use a crank driven like you said. there are plenty of crank driven winches, like the superwinch or the Fairey like the electricity baord usually use. get the crank pulley bolt with the twisty bit in the end (can't remember the proper name for it) but the one that you use for hand cranking (on a Tdi? EEK!) then get a piece of bar that fits into the niddle of said bolt, with a roll pin through it acting as a shear pin, and then make up some bearings to support it, or just get the pukka crank driven bit off of a winch.

actually, seen some of the airfield crash tenders based on old rangies that have the HUGE water pump mounted at the front of the vehicle running off of the crank. try and steal that idea?

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