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All parts are in Colorado, I will ship in flat rate boxes unless it will not fit.
If you don't like a price feel free to make an offer.

Truck Parts
AGR Rock Ram - 8" stoke- never used, only for mock up- SOLD

Universal seat sliders for bucket seats- $10

3rd Gen pickup front turn signals- $10

3rd gen seat belts- $25

Ranco steering stabilizer RS5407- $10

KC 50 watt lights- $20

Slave Cylinder- $10

Miscellaneous Stuff

Answer Mode size 11 boots- $30

Answer Custom painted helmet- $35

Salamander Throw Bag- $30

Alpine Mono Amplifier MRP-350- $30

Pioneer Shallow Mount Sub 2000watt- $65
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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