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boy I dont know if I should post on this one
as I have 0 experience on a ford convershion,

but useing a older toyota break master as a
clutch master works great also useing a
1984 corvet slave cilendar works great

why I recomend this combination is that
you will end up with a lot of travel at
the clutch.

I have also heard that a fiero slave might

ps the corvet slave has the same threads
as the toy master,

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I recently completed a hydraulic clutch conversion on my EB. I needed to get the clutch linkage out of the way for my new exhaust. I will have to take another look at what I bought because the size of the master and slave cylinders is important for the proper amount of travel at the slave. I drilled the holes in the firewall to mount the master cylinder and attached it to the stock clutch pedal with a small rod end. Then I had a local hydraulic supply place make me a braided stainless line down to the slave cylinder. I built a small bracket that attaches the Wilwood slave cylinder to the t-case crossmember and drilled a hole in the clutch arm where the push rod used to seat. The Wilwood slave comes with bushings that seat nicely in this area of the clutch arm.

The only problems I have had are with the nuts that hold the slave cylinder to the clutch arm coming loose. Since then I have added jam nuts and there are no more problems.
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