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Hyundai Galloper

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Hello, I am new to the community. I have a question regarding SWB Galloper(2001). My fuel tank is leaking and I can't find a proper new one. Does anybody know if it is possible that Mitsubishi Pajero mk1/mk2 fuel tank fits on galloper, since it is basically the same car? Thank you
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The Montero gas tanks are different with 4 cylinders and leaf springs (15 Gallon?) , vs. V6 and coil spring rear suspension (20 Gallon?) , not sure what the Galloper has for rear suspension.

Years ago, I was able to sllightly modify a Jeep YJ 20 gallon tank to fit in my buddy's SWB Montero with leaf springs. Had to make a filler hose adapter, use an early ZJ sending unit fitted to the YJ sending unit bracket wit the YJ arm, and a resistor to make the gauge work. Made my own 1/4" skid plate to hold it in place.
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