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I am planning parallel 4 link suspension of m1008 for all purposes.
so i will put coilover on axle.
But i am in difficulties in choosing coilover spring. I will not drive like dakar and desert but universal. Street and trail and some small rock crawler

So am planning 2 inch diameter with no reservoir And 14 inch stroke.

My m1008 front curbweight is about 3245lbs. And front axle and tires are about 700lbs. So corner front strung weight is (3245-700) / 2 = 1272lbs is right?

And down percentage is nomally 40-50% like The Coilover Bible - Part 1 by BillaVista - Pirate4x4x.com said.

so... spring rate is 229#.
For dual springs, 500# for main and 400# for tender spring. With these Step-up ratio is about 225%
(Normally 200-300%)


is it right? I will plan to buy 500# 400# 2inch 14stroke coilver fromF-O-A for my m1008 f

and I don’t know the below.
Rebound? Compression valve? I feel like i know the meaning a little.

Please recommend the valve degree For all purpose. Trail, street, not big rock crawler...

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