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Spring lifts I'm looking at

  • Skyjacker basic or double mil wrap 2.5"

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  • Pro Comp 2.5"

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Well I finally have the money to do my spring over lift and right now I"m doing looking into leaf springs. I would like to know who's running what. If they like it or not. I'm just looking for general info on opinions I'm not asking "WHat should I buy?" so no flaming necessary.

But the basic setup is 2.5" springs in SOA form. If there is a 1.5" spring lift that you are a fan of then by all means let me know. OME's 2.5" spring lift might be out of my budget but I'm not counting it out. Money isn't necessarily an issue because I get vendor pricing via. connections I've built over the years
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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