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If It Doesn't Say "AMP Research Power Step," It Isn't One
Posted on 04.17.10 by Lance

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Irvine, CA (April 16, 2010) - AMP Research invented the automatic deploying running board, so don't get fooled. There is only one Power Step, and it has the AMP Research name on it. It is designed, engineered and built exclusively in the U.S.A., and seamlessly extends when any door is opened, giving you a rock-solid, convenient step up into your pickup or SUV. It then retracts just as smoothly, streamlining your truck and keeping the AMP Power Step clean, safe and protected.

Utilizing the most advanced technology, design, materials and engineering know-how, AMP Research is able to provide the best warranty in the business with a Five Year, 60,000 mile program. Aggressive new pricing makes it the best buy in the industry, plus an integrated LED light kit, a $120 value, is now available FREE OF CHARGE! Design features of the patented, award winning AMP Research Power Step include:
  • High strength aluminum alloy die-cast linkage arms, anodized and Teflon® coated to resist corrosion, and including precision, zero-maintenance stainless-steel pivot pins
  • Weatherproof, OEM-quality electric motors, wiring harnesses and sealed connectors that employ pressure-sensitive pinch-proof safety technology
  • Extruded, 6063-aluminum steps with a textured powder-coat finish for maximum grip and durability
  • 600-lb load capacity

The AMP Research Power Step is available for Ford F-Series, Silverado, Sierra, GM/Chevy SUV's, Ram, Titan, Tundra, Tacoma, Hummer and Jeep in over 20 applications. AMP Research also manufactures the BedStep® and Bed X-TenderTM. For more information about all AMP Research products, and to find a retailer nearest you, call toll-free at 1-888-983-2209, or visit www.amp-research.com.

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