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Cliff notes:

Need data to help save Johnson Valley.

If you went to JV in 2011, PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM:


Takes 30 seconds at the most. Please pass this on and bump this thread if you filled it out.

Now for the LONG explanation if you want to know more.

The California Motorized Recreation Council (CMRC) is a group of land-use organizations (Cal4, ORBA, AMA, ASA, CORVA etc.) that are working TOGETHER to save Johnson Valley. :mr-t:

They are developing a SOLID plan to save the Hammers, and part of that plan is a detailed economic impact report to show that the loss of JV would have a severe impact on the small desert communites surrounding JV. (Well...and an impact in other places) We need this info to complete that report.

Only enter your e-mail addy if you want more info. we will used the report to show to the powers that be the actual $$ impact of losing JV.

CMRC has also set up a dedicated fund to fight for JV. EVERY penny of that fund will go directly to saving JV. The 4405 race-a-thon (which is falling flat on it's face currently) has 60% of the proceeds going into that fund. (The other 40% goes to BRC) If you would like to help out more, please make a pledge.



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Thanks Kurt!

By the way, "4X2" for some reason wasn't an option. Any bias against the desert racers?:flipoff2::laughing:
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