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I brought the beer
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I'm at Pacific Fab and we found the root cause of the fire. The steering cooler fan switch/breaker failed internally and melted from behind the dash all the way to the back of car, taking out everything along the way.

If you are local and have a few hours to spare, we are completely rewiring the car starting today. Probably go till 7-8 tonight then back at it again tomorrow and all week till we Dyno on Thursday.

Call my cell if you're interested in coming by.


714 615 8507

Kevin and this shop are incredible, but an extra hand would be badass.

Status update:

The new tranny has been stabbed with the Atlas.
The car has been completely plumbed.
Kevin is working on wiring
I'm doing header wrap, install headers, fuel cell...etc

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I'm going to run in there on Wednesday for a bit.
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