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Mine leaked right there like a siv, i finally tried drilling that little bb out and was gonna solder or jb weld it shut. Well lo and behold after taking the drill to it and all around it and having the thing to where it should fall out. Didn't come out. So I tried to start my truck up to blow the f&^%r out.

After I started it, it wasn't leaking any more and the BB stayed in place. So i let it run tried locking the diffs with the front locker and turning it in place to put some strain on it and still wouldn't after 20 mins of abusing it. So I finally just shut it off, threw some jb weld in there and called it good. Hasn't leaked in over a year now

I think mine was dropped right on that little corner and pushed that bb out of whack. I had tried almost everything to fix it till that finally worked. Sorry not much help to ya,

My toyota mechanic of 20 yrs said that was pressed in there after the box was machined or something and it was just there to close the hole up if I remember right, but hey its been over a year.
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