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IFS frame dimensions (94 SAS)

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This will be my second SAS's second gen. runner. This time I'm looking to stay lower as its a DD.

The little light bulb clicked on after rear frontranges web page. "However, when comparing a factory straight axle equipped vehicle to one that has been converted, the factory equipped one will sit about 1.5" lower. This is something to consider when deciding on rear springs."

So here's what I've found....some may already know this but I couldn't find any info on it anywhere, only mention of it on frontranges page, so I thought I'd share the dimension differences.

Here's the 85 dimensions I compared to http://http://www.yankeetoys.org/Documents/85Frame.gif

My frame is upside down right now so keep that in mind

All heights are relative the the top of the flat section of frame on the 85's so I ran a " red-neck straight edge" off the flat of the frame towards the front.

measurement off the top of the factory cross member to bottom of frame (4.75")

And then thickness of the frame (4.75")

So it appears to me that the top of the factory IFS front crossmember is the same as the top of the frame, where an 85's front cross member sites 1.46" higher than the frame


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I also checked the shackle tube relative to the flat section of frame

The center of the shackle tube on an 85 is 1.5"+/- up from the bottom of the frame (assuming the frame is 4.75" tall)

Here's the IFS

So the center of the tube is approximately at the bottom of the rectangular punk-out which is about 2.5" up from the bottom of the frame in the center of the body mount. ( the last picture doesn't look to scale but the measurements are correct, there's a pencil line on the frame)


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good work - I plan on building my 4Runner and keeping it leaf sprung too.
Axle, shackle tube and cross member placement are all things I've been juggling around in my head..thanks for the comparison.
Here's how it all compares (My frame is upside down.)

I ended up at about 1.25" drop relative to an 85 frame. With a flat spring I have about a 1/4" of clearance between the tierod end and the spring.


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That would explain why my tg 4" springs give me a sweet hight on my 85 with the stock hanger and other sas rigs with 4" springs look stupid high.
Yep, that's the whole reason I started measuring and posted this.
Thanks for posting this up. It made me re-measure my truck before mounting a single bracket.

I had a hard time explaining this concept to people, so I took these photos to help. Your photos do a better job at showing the exact differences, this one is just a different perspective.

Front is measured from the bottom of the radiator support, Rear is measured through the body mount, to the bottom of the floor. The measurements are not correct, due to variations in the camera angle, but they give you a rough idea.

My very bad measuring skills shows the 86-95 frame to be 1.5" lower at the front cross-member, and between 7/8 to 1" lower at the shackle.


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Cool tech. On my latest SAS I too want to keep it as low as possible. This was great finding this.

I have even considered a Solid axle frame from right behind the body mounts forward.

How did your 4runner turn out?
You know this is a 10 year old thread right?
Yep. Sure do. I still get replies to threads I created back to 2001 :)
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