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Hey All,

I want to congratulate and thank everyone that has signed our petition to Toyota USA. We FINALLY met my personal goal of at least 1000 signatures.

Last month at about 750 signatures,(1 inch thick!!) I sent a hard copy to Toyota USA's customer service department. I received a letter last week that they it had arrived and that they were reviewing it. It was logged in under "customer dissatisfaction" (LOL) and that if I wanted to talk to them further to call with our case number.

Of course I called immediately and spoke to some customer service rep who didn't really know anything. He told me that our petition had been forwarded to the legal department for review and that they would be responding in the near future. I would post the phone and case numbers if I thought it would do any good for everyone to call, but at this point, I don't think it would. Maybe once I hear back from the legal department, we can give 'em hell on the phones.

I am happy that someone at Toyota has at least seen it and some sort of action is happening.

Keep the signatures coming in!!
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