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Hey everyone. I've rebuilt my 88 power steering box and the thing still leaks... from the threads where the lock nut secures the preload adjustment by the input shaft.

I have replaced the seals, o-ring and input shaft seal (1 and 2 in the diagram)..I even took it apart again tonight and replaced the o-ring and input shaft seal with another set. I have 3 steering box kits since I tore the damn teflon ring twice, lmao.

I made match marks and lined everything back up how they were before. I tried tightening the adjuster in more to maybe "seal" the o-ring, but it still leaks, and obviously gives it too much preload.

Any ideas? I know the lock nut isn't on in the picture, but I believe it shouldn't leak regardless. The locking nut doesn't have an o-ring or anything that would help it seal the threads. It leaks with the lock nut on too. Does this need thread sealant? Haven't seen much mentioned about this in any of the rebuild threads (such as the link in the Toyota Bible/FAQ) or videos on YT.
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