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MrBigC said:
...I've had a sporadic problem with the ignition, though. Twice when I've gone to start it up, it just turns over and over and over. After looking it over, I couldn't find anything obvious and just got frustrated and left it. When I came back the next day, it started right up. I'm positive it's getting fuel, and it turns over really strong - it just won't fire up. I've noticed both times that it didn't start, it was fairly cold out. The dizzy cap, wires, and plugs are all brand new. I'm confused because it starts right up about 8 out of 10 times. Where should I look next? Thanks!-Colin
It wouldn't hurt to mention which engine you're working on. Immediately during the period when it won't start, how are you sure it's getting fuel? For that matter, since the problem usually shows when it's cold, how are you sure you're getting enough fuel? When it fails to start, check for spark as prescribed above. Fuel delivery checks will depend on what engine you're working on.
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