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iMPAKS wrangler build.. no more XJ

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Well after having my XJ for over 11 years and after the barrel roll at DPG it is finally time to retire it and build something new..

I am in no hurry so this may take a while..

but the gist is YJ frame, YJ tube, CJ grill and hood, 9" rear axle, hi-9 front axle on air shocks, linked, low on 38 TSL's

old XJ build if you are bored:

tonight a few buddies came over and helped me get frame into garage so I can start getting it prepped and ready for work/fab.

first order is move a few things around in the garage and get frame setup so I can clean the frame then next will be fix tub and get that ready to go on frame, then the fun starts

Hood and grill

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took sometime today and rearranged shop to make room/

turned bus to the side and set up the frame so I can start cleaning it

front alxe parts already to start cuttign up and assembling
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also made 2 jacks stands( need to make 2 more ) which will set bottom of frame at ride height, then added a brace between frame rails and cut off back of frame..

set extra 9" housing in back to get idea of location..

next is to start cleaning the frame

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Oh man, please tel me you're keeping the hood original in terms of paint and decal. Those Renegade stickers with the shit brown paint is so 80's it hurts, I love it.

Nice bus too.
Man that garage is a time capsule. :smokin: I agree on leaving the hood as is, good start!
nice to see you building something with a frame Ken, I moved over to a TJ 2 years ago and I couldn't be happier.
Bummer about the ol XJ.
Lookin forward to watching this build.You do some great work:smokin:
Yep, I went from an XJ to a YJ (with a lot of xj parts now) because I wanted the frame and removable top/windshield/doors. I do plan on getting another XJ though, but only for 33's max and family camping/wheeling.
Good luck with the new build, I'll be watching this one.
build thread on the jackstands?
old steel rims, old leaf spring plates welded to rim, 2x2 square tube welded to that and then some c channel on top of that.. all extra stuff I had laying around

awesome this should be good
Well spent about 3hrs with wire wheels and flap discs and cleaned up the frame a bunch

then got tub down and marked it for some cuts.. only got a little cut due to time and kids..

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Fawk!!! Please throw a sheet over that bus so I dont have to drool over it this whole build. :flipoff2:
had a few minutes in garage today during kids nap time

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so 3 link front 4 link rear or? hard to build around the kids and etc. good luck!
so 3 link front 4 link rear or? hard to build around the kids and etc. good luck!
not sure yet.. but leaning towards 4 link rear and 3 front
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