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In tank fuel pump

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Is there an after market fuel tank ready for a fuel pump in the tank. External pump is too loud. Thanks Glen
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Mount the pump in rubber, if it already is, try a different pump. I've done serveral TBI conversions and have only had one that I could hear the pump power up at start up.
I swapped it for a new one and it was quiet.
Make sure the pump is mounted to the frame and not the tub, the thinner metal on the tub resonates the sound.
I went through 3 different aftermarket pumps on my pickup before I finally bought a new one from Toyota. They all made the squeeling noise while running. SO I recommend from Toy or one from like summit or other style racing pump. The 3 pumps I had were from Napa, Autozone and Kragens.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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