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I figured with everyone talking about the weak rzr front end I would post of some pictures of mine. It lastest about a year and a half of hard riding. Smart but hard ridng. I wouldnt land on the throttle in 4wd on climbs or jumps. I ordered another plastic one. They do make aluminum carrier's that do not break like the plastic carriers but I got this for 20 bucks and decided to run it a little longer. It took me 20 min to get the carrier out of the rzr. I had to soak the axle in PB blaster to get them to come out of the diff but after they soaked for a hour they popped right out.

Here is what the inside looks like as soon as you take the side cover off

Here is what my broken cage looked like once I got it all out. The new one is sitting to the left of the old.

It has 20 rollers and h clips and they fit in the plastic carrier and around the outer ring gear aluminum housing and LOCK the diff.

Here is a picture of the ring gear

Here is a picture of the pinion

Here is the new carrier with h clips and roller going into the diff

It was pretty easy to do and didnt take me long at all. When this breaks again I am going alum but until then I will try to save the plastic carrier as long as possible
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