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well this is kinda a tech so if someone searches they will find it. i got 12 bolt hummer wheels with the rubber runflats. i dint not want to pay to have the runflats installed. i ended up getting a come along which you will see in the pics. make sure you double line it. it is very hard to pull even double lined. make sure to put a towel on each side so the cable does not did into the runflat. have the ratchating part in the middle so you can get it off when your done. now, start cranking it down. it will start to narrow out. pull it down to about 16.5 inches and it will got. now, take the tire and lean it up against yourself. grab the unflat and slide one end down into the bottom of the tire. it is much easier to do it with the tire leanign against you then on the ground. look at the pics. now get two decent sized crow bars and start going around the tire, like you use to put bike tires on, work it around the whole thing. it took about 20 mins to do each one. once its in there. sinply release the come along and take it out and your done. check out the pics, its my father and i. i will have them loaded shortly then willl add the link. hope this helps someone save money like me. scott
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