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Hello All
This is not for everyone but some venders/fab shops can use it.
As we know doing conversions can be costly to our clients.Some kits are priced in such a fashion (UK 2.8 TGV to NAS Rover) you can but a 1992 Discovery in the UK on the road for the price of the kit.

This was put together by a member and posted a few places. Thought it might be good for you to have.
Begin quote:

Hi all, I spent some time looking through my parts book,

I've gone from
the front of the engine (radiator/intercooler) backwards

towards the
back of the vehicle(clutch/gearbox/exhaust). here's what

i reckon you'll
need (plus or minus bits, depending on what you buy with

the engine!)

ESR 2727 Radiator/intercooler assy
ESR 3683 Same as above, but from chassis # TA976036

onwards,don't know
the difference!

However....if you decide to fit an oversized intercooler

(ie Allard or
Fearn type thing) then you can fit the older 2.5 TurboD

radiator, which
has the internal oil cooler that the Tdi needs, and the

oil cooler pipes
are in the same place as the Tdi, you just have to make

up some water
pipes as they are in a different place. this radiator is

about 1/2
bigger than the Tdi,as it's full width and deeper! it;s

what i've got on
my project90 and a few of my friends have done the


ERR 2266 viscous unit for above
ERR 2789 cooling fan
ESR 2055,
ESR 2309 Fan cowl,300Tdi
ESR 2309 upper intercooler hose to engine,300Tdi
ESR 2729, lower intercooler hoses to engine,300Tdi (3

pieces needed)
ESR 2730,
ESR 3684 Radiator,2.5turbo D
ESR 1912 Oil cooler pipe, Feed
ESR 1913 Oil cooler pipe, Return

ANR 3200, Rubber gearbox mount,RH
ANR 3201, Rubber gearbox mount,LH
ANR 3713 Detachable gearbox crossmember

ANR 2868, Engine mount,chassis,RH
NTC 9415, engine mount,chassis,LH
NTC 9416 mounting rubber,engine, x2

FTC 1994 clutch plate,HD,D130
FTC 2149 clutch plate,standard,D90/D110
FTC 575 clutch cover
ERR 719 flywheel assembly
ERR 4723 housing,flywheel (bolts onto the back if the

engine,in case
yours doesn;t come with it)
FTC 2957 lever,clutch release,
FRC 9568 thrust bearing (throw out bearing to you!)
FTC 3911 Slave cylinder,clutch
FRC 2402 Backing plate/gasket for above
STC 2818 repair kit for slave cylinder

clutch master cylinder is the same for V8 and Tdi

engines,as is the
metal pipe that comes out of the cylinder down towards

the bellhousing.

NTC 9055 Clutch hose,rubber (connects onto the slave

NRC 9595 pipe assembly,slave cylinder

ANR 2784 Vacuum hose,Tdi,LHD (brake servo to engine

vacuum pump)

NTC 1518 Fuel filter + mounting bracket,300Tdi
ESR 3118 fuel pipes,filter to engine
NTC 3346 banjo bolt,fuel pipe to filter x2
ESR 354 copper washer for above x4
ERR 1125 banjo bolt,fuel pipe to FIP
ERR 894 copper washer for above x2

ESR 2102 air filter,300Tdi
ESR 2731 pipe,air filter to turbo
ERR 4926 pipe,cyclone filter to intake pipe

ESR 3028 pipe,air intake to dump valve }
ESR 3162 dump valve and fixing bracket } not needed

if you fit a
snorkel straight to the filter
ESR 3032 pipe,dump valve to air cleaner }

ESR 2297 Exhaust front dowm pipe w/o catylist
ESR 2739 " " " " w/ catylist (about

x10 price as

ESR 63 cooling system expansion tank
NTC 7161 cap,expansion tank, 15psi
ESR 2313 fixing bracket,above
ESR 2344 hose,radiator to 'ejector'
ESR 2345 hose,engine to 'ejector'
ESR 2348 pump 'ejector'
ESR 2343 hose,'ejector' to expansion tank

STC 8384 4 bolt PAS box (RHD)
STC 8383 4 bolt PAS box (LHD)
ANR 2485 Pipe, PAS, reservoir to pump, Tdi, RHD
ANR 3598 Pipe, PAS, steering box to reservoir, Tdi &

ANR 2135 Pipe, PAS, pump to steering box, Tdi, RHD

ANR 2485 Pipe, PAS, reservoir to pump, Tdi, LHD
ANR 2914 Pipe, PAS, pump to steering box, LHD
ANR 2487 Pipe, PAS, steering box to reservoir, LHD

BTR 8396 heater inlet pipe,LHD
BTR 8395 heater return pipe,LHD
ERR 4531 pipe assebly,return

ERR 4632 NVH rocker cover insulation

NTC 9360 Throttle cable, RHD
NTC 9359 Throttle cable, LHD

AMR 2956 65a harness, Tdi, standard
AMR 2980 65a harness, Tdi, w/ A/C
AMR 3988 65a harness, Tdi, w/ EGR
AMR 3987 65a harness, Tdi, w/ EGR & A/C (early engines

up to MA
chassis number)

AMR 4019 65a harness, Tdi, standard
AMR 4847 65a harness, Tdi, w/ A/C
AMR 3988 65a harness, Tdi, w/ EGR
AMR 3987 65a harness, Tdi, w/ EGR & A/C (later engines

MA chassis
number onwards)

do you have an underbonnet fuse box with the big

maxi-fuses? you'll need
to shorten the cable onto the starter motor, or use fuse

box AMR 2983

PRC 6913 timer,glowplug 12v. the socket and rest of

wiring for this is
in the 300Tdi main vehicle harness (AMR 3483 + AMR 3484

expensive!!) but you don't really need the glowplugs

unless you live in
Alaska! the unit only needs +12v from the battery, a 12V

ignition feed,
a couple of wires for the warning light on the dash and

the output to
the glowplugs though, easy to wire up!

NTC 7503 (might be 502951 though!) and not forgetting

the label that
read's 'DIESEL FUEL' to fit into the tank filler!!!
BTR 516LVA And also not forgetting the side decals that

read 'Tdi'

Manual or Auto tranny?
The R380 manual 5 speed gearbox, STC 1546N. you can use

your existing
transfer box,as it'll fit straight on to the R380.

The ZF 4HP22 4 speed auto,ZF# 1043 010 744,FTC 6099

This does not use the NAS transmission,why as it has so many miles on it?
go fresh!!!!
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