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OK, so, we've had some good discussion regarding Maxxis tire compounds.

Now, does anyone know if there are differences between the Interco tires?

Obviously, there's a sticky compound used on the stucky 42" IRoks and 37" trxus MTs.

Besides that, are there differences?

I'm guessing there's one compound used for all of the TSL/LTB/Bogger/SX tires.

Is the Irok the same compound?

Radials like the Trxus MT and SSRs?

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The short answer is no. There are no appreciable differences.

They do make very slight changes to the 'recipe' to take into account the varying curing dyanmics of bias to radial.
wow the Bogger compound and TSL compound is the same. I would have never guessed that. Thanks for the info

Mike Green
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