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hey yall, im very new to the RC world. i have never really payed much attention to them untill yesterday when my cousin showed me his TRAXXUS slash 2wd short course truck. he had broken a rear hub on it and i went with him up to the local hobby store and saw several different kinds of RC cars trucks and buggies. i love trail riding and rock crawling, and i have seen lots of pictures in the past day or so of these RC trucks and stuff that look just like the real deal and id love to get into that stuff one day but for right now im wanting to race.

i looked at and really like the Losi XXX-SCT truck. i want something comparable to my cousin so we can go to the local indoor dirt track and have fun racing with each other. i have no idea what kinda mods there are or anything for these trucks other than upgrading the batteries and stuff. i am going to buy the truck possibly this coming up weekend or so unless something happens. i figured posting a thread about my new interest here would help me figure out some things ive never known about these trucks.

thanks in advance yall and i think racing these lil RC trucks can cure my itch to race and keep me from blowing the pocket book or destroying my yota crawler tryin to speed demon over stuff lol.
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