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The 2008 Top Shop event will be held at Hannibal Rocks Off-Road Park
October 11th & 12th.

A Maximum of 12 teams will compete for the 2008 Top Shop National
Contact us if your shop is interested in competing for the title and wants to reserve a spot in the competition.

Each Shop Team will bring 3 rigs and a 7 person team.
3 Drivers, 3 Spotters and the very vital Team Captain.

There are 5 Disciplines to the Top Shop Competition:

Technical Trail

Timed Trail/Rockrace

Truck Sled Pull


Of these 5 disciplines, all 3 of the shops rigs must compete
In 2 of them ( Shop Teams choice)
Of the remaining 3 disciplines, the shop team must choose
Which of their 3 rigs will compete in which of these.
(Each rig will compete in a total of 3 of the disciplines)

Top Shop has been covered by Spike TVs Xtreme 4x4,
Seen in Petersen’s 4Wheel and Off-Road and also
In Crawl Magazine.

Entry fee per team is $250 (100% payback to the top 3 overall shops)

There is also an ADDITIONAL $2000 added to the Nationals purse!!!

The 2008 Top Shop Rules and Entry form can be found here:

Details and photos from the 2007 Top Shop Series:

Tom and Debbie Wombles
217-242-3375 Tom’s cell

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Need teams that want to compete to get their entry form to me
to confirm your presence.
I've got a lot of promoting to do!
Would like to get TV coverage such as Spike TV back to film this year.

It takes 3 rigs
3 drivers
3 spotters
1 team captain
some spare parts, great team work, a little luck and a lot of will!

Team entry form and event rules can be found here:

Team entry fees ($250 per team plus an additional $2000 goes to the
top 3 teams)

[email protected]
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