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It's Time To End The Endangered Species Act
By Sheriff Michael E. Cook
Published 03. 4. 03 at 19:40 Sierra Time
While doing research for articles about the wolf and the problems they cause, I got more information than I needed. I have some observations about this and other things going on in and around America that just need to be said.

I fail to understand why the Congress and State Legislators spend all the time they do on stupid, frivolous legislation when they should be worried about the economy and budgets. They spend more time and effort building road blocks to doing any business or industry and preventing people from using their own land than they do managing what they are elected for. The government was never meant to be the largest road black to the people, it was to help us. Boy, has that changed. If you don't believe it just look at Oregon. It's dying because of government interference. The people should be so mad and upset that they march on the capitals and demand that they take care of that business first and forget all this other foolish stuff. Then we should insist that they do away with about everything else they have passed into law back to the civil war and start over. I think it is time for a review instead of passing more laws. We should demand that review and make it a law that they can't pass a new law until this happens.

Many laws and acts, like the Endangered Species Act (ESA), started out with good intentions but they have turned into disasters and destroyed industries and displaced families. You can never tell what will happen down the road with these laws by the time they get tested in court and changed. The ESA had a sunset and it has never been allowed to take effect. It is time for it to go away. U.S. Sen. Craig Thomas is attempting to change it in a small way. I'm sorry, but it doesn't need to be changed -- it needs to be done away with. We no longer need it and our economy will not swing back to the positive side until it is gone. Protection for any animal or plant can be voted on by Congress after evidence has been brought before them as proof it needs protection. That is the way our government was meant to work. It sure doesn't need to be determined in our court systems.

The ESA is abused each and every day. The wolf is a great example. The wolf has been listed, but how can it be endangered when they are abundant in Alaska and Canada, not to mention other parts of the world? The wolf is no where near extinction in the world. There are plenty of them. Just because one state or one county doesn't have any doesn't make them endangered. It's time to stop this zip coding of animals for listing. You see, that's the stupid joke they are playing with this act. This is the abuse that has been brought to this act, and many others that cause them to be tools to break down our freedoms and livelihoods. They don't do good things, they do harm with this abuse.

It's the same with our firearms rights. The federal and state governments keep attempting to pass laws that violate the rights of free people. Regardless of what the Constitution says, the people we elect to represent us don't. The Bill of Rights only tells us those rights given to us by God, as free people. The government has no right to take God given rights from us. They have no right to interfere with our lives or tell us how to live them within societal norms. God gave us the Ten Commandment's to live by. These are all the laws we need.

In closing I want to say this, that all animals on earth will someday be extinct. That includes humans. Man has changed the world from the beginning. Man will continue to change the world. I believe that everything on this planet was put here for our use. I don't believe in abusing the earth, however I do believe that we should manage and control it to our best advantage. If man doesn't control it nature will, you don't see dinosaurs walking around anymore, do you?

The wolf was eliminated from the lower 48 states because they interfered with other activity that humans wanted and needed the land for, to grow food. The Buffalo had to go for the same reason. We needed the land to grow beef and other food. That was changed and it was a good change. It also allowed us to take the land from the Indians for our use. This is known as progress. Now we have people attempting to do away with this progress and regress us back to what it was like before all this took place. That, my friends, is stupid and will not help anyone. We are a great nation because we continue to grow. To maintain our power and freedoms we must continue to grow. So stop these idiots who would turn us into a backwards third world country, ruled by a few elitists.

It's up to those who are representing us in Congress and in our State Legislatures to make these changes, it's up to you to demand them.

God Bless America.
Michael E. Cook, Coos County Sheriff, Retired.


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here here!

I grew up in Wyoming and have lived with decisions on reintroduction of species like the wolf, and protection of the grizzly bear made by east coast city dwellers.

Now you can't camp safely in the mountains in the area due to the proliferation of Grizzlies and their lack of fear towards man. Because they're protected, but everything else is hunted, the balance is gone, and tree huggers blame everything except their own ill-conceived policies.

End it now. I haven't had Filet of Spotted Owl in a long time and I'm hungry.
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