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Since it's too dayum hot outside right now to go wheelin, or work on broken stuff... Figured we'd give some DVD's away...

Must be a RED or YELLOW star member to enter...
3 winners, each winner will recieve a "40 pack" which is All My Dirty Friends 2 and Crawling is For Babies

Winners will be chosen at random Monday, September 3rd.

For those of you who already have AMDF2 and saw the teaser for our rock race video at the end... it's here.. and only 20 bucks shipped to your door! This video features all the XRRA action of the 2006 season that you read about in magazines and heard about here on Pirate4x4 :smokin: Both AMDF2 and Crawling is for Babies can be purchased through our online store by clicking here!

Side note, I think we cleared up all our issues with the last giveaway this spring, but if you're missing something please shoot me a PM and I will clear it up.

1 - 20 of 411 Posts