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you can use the front axle.. by.. either using the entire driveline thats in it.. or by getting a D300 and mating that up to your tranny..
but.. those axles are wiiiiide... i have a 5 lug d60 rear from an ole 1/2 ton jeep truck.. and i had to cut it down 3" to match my full size wagoneer axle..
also.. that front axle is more than likely a closed knuckle d44.. yuckie.. they have smaller shafts (d30 thickness).. they are only thicker where the splines are at.. and 12" drum brakes that you can hardly get parts for.. since most are not made anymore..
if you are looking for just axles.. i would get a front d44 from a 80 or newer wagoneer/grand wagoneer.. and a rear from the same vehicle... they are only an inch or two wider than what you have now.. so you can still keep it street legal.. and the diff will be on the right (left) side for you
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