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Hi everyone, I am going to post a question for my cousin here. First let me go through and tell you what he has. . .

1) an old CJ. I can't tell weather it's a 5 or 7 cause I always told by looking at the bottom of the door opening. This thing has no body from the firewall back, but it has a good frame and drivetrain and will run.

2) a J 10 that a buddy gave him. The J 10 is missing the wiring harness and the front axle.

3) a Full size blazer that has been stripped of everything but the axles (10 bolt and a D44).

Here is what we were thinking. . . CJ frame/drivetrain with the full size axles and the J10 cab. The axles are not a problem, but I haven't seen the CJ and J10 sitting next to each other. Is this even close to be a bolt on (I can deal with moving body mounts, but if there is a huge difference in the width of the frames we might think twice).

What do yall think?

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