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Beast Notcher

The Beast is the ultimate in hole saw tube notching. Able to easily handle straight notches, offset notches, angled notches, and notches in bends.

The weight of the BEAST notcher is 50 lbs. This helps with the chatter and saves longer on your hole saws.

List Price - $499

* Capacity of 3/4" to 3" OD
* Angles up to 50°
* Can offset notch up to half the tube diameter.
* 1" Ground & Polished Stainless Steel shaft
* Double sealed needle bearings.
* Clamps allow you to notch on a bend.
* Requires an ordinary 1/2" hand drill

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HMW's has been working great! Thanks guys for such great products. It has been used for 1.75, 1.5, 1.25, 1" tubing and 1.5 square tubing. Center notches, off set notches, notches on bends and my favorite one was the chassis ended up just a hair to long so we unbolted the beast from the stand and set it up just hanging on the tube, clamped it down and notched away!

Building a custom chassis there is not much of a repeat cut so each cut has to be mirror image of the next side. Using the beast clamp edge as a centerline or reference to what the other side needs to be really helps with making sure one side matches the other. The changing of degrees and cut angles, cut height and also multi cuts on the same piece is quick and ez with the beast layout, same size bolts and the clamps are very ez on and off. Overall this product is built around light production but over the top versitity with cuts when dealing with chassis, bumpers, cages. Pretty much if you have a small garage to full blown production shop this tool is well worth the investment.

No chipped teeth on hole saws and it has not snagged or tried to rip my arm off when making the final cut on the back side of the tube.

Good quality parts!
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