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fj junkie said:
wd40 is not very good lube for bending ....
you should use any type of heavy grease ..
clean your tube and keep your die clean , also lots of grease on the backing die ...
I second this..though grease is awfully messy. Super lube is a teflon based spray that's kinda thick but easier to use and cleaner than grease. Also make sure the tubing has no large dings or surface imperfections in it - that also means no rust.
One of my JD2 dies was improperly machined and would gall pipe to beat the band, but i was able to chamfer it and still use it.
One also started to scratch the tube in a spot here recently (it was my fault- fell asleep on the bender and ran the die out past the end of the tube a bit) but I caught it early, smoothed it out with a flap wheel and it's worked fine since.

My newer dies haven't given me much trouble except in the above mentioned case- they're made a little differenty than they used to be, and maybe I'm more careful about what I put in the bender.

I do also have a couple of pro-tools dies that work fine. Pro-tools dies are harder than JD2 dies it seems.
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