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Bellhousing assembly used to adapt the AMC / Jeep 4.0L, 258, 304, 360, and 401 to the GM SM465 4 speed transmission and the 1993-95 GM NV4500

The bellhousing kit includes a 356 T-6 aluminum bellhousing, pilot bushing, throw-out arm, ball pivot, throw-out boot, fastening hardware, and adapter instructions.

Note: This bellhousing features two crankshaft positioning sensor locations for the 1987-2004 4.0L & 2005-06 4.0L engines.

Part no:#712571


I have a position sensor, clutch, flywheel, and clutch master cylinder to go with it. Open to reasonable offers. Just the adapter is $426 from advance adapters. If you want more pictures send me a message.

Willing to ship on buyers dime.
Located in southern Alabama soon to be Killeen,


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