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Yeah, Your downtravel is pretty much limited by cloil length as Flatlander said. You can get super soft coils that are really long and stay seated through your entire flex, or inboard your stiffer coils to get the same effect but you lose a TON of your stability as you start doing that, having a much higher tendency towards body roll.

In my WJ at the moment, I've got both front and rear suspensions downtravel limited due to coils unseating. I've got the absolute maximum amout of droop possible on both ends. There is one way to get more useable travel out of your setup, allow more uptravel. I'm very satisfied with how my WJ works, but I've been redesigning everything around a ton more allowed uptravel, with the same useable downtravel means I'll have more overall movement.

In the front end I have my springs clamped top and bottom, they try to unseat just as my 12" long shock maxes out. In the rear I have triangulated shocks so I had to put a limit strap to stop the rear coils from dropping out stupid distances. I let the top mount slide down the spring post a couple inches before the straps pull tight, with the bottom of the spring clamped to the axle.

It get's the job done pretty damn well. Rear was just starting to unseat here, and the tires touch the fenders at full bump.

My springs are Claytons 6" springs with an approximate 200inch/lb spring rate up front, and 220 out back, truck weighs 5500lbs.

AFAIK Rubicon Express coils are a softer 185 inch/lbs, should be a little more stretchy for you and better for a lighter rig
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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