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Come one, Come all, to the first of what we hope will be many Jeep Comanche Pow-Wows! This one is for the midwesterners and is being held at The Badlands on October 23rd . Now, we don’t have anything big planned, it’s just a few of us from the Comanche Yahoo Group getting together for the weekend at the Attica Campgrounds for a simple meet-n-greet-n-wheel. Obviously we have to call it a “Comanche” Pow-Wow and are looking for fellow Comanche owners, but any wheeler that wants to swing by for some mild 4x4 action is very welcome to join in. :D Heck, none of us going has actually been to the ‘Lands yet so it’s lookin’ to be a total play-it-by-ear experience. Suggestions?
2wd Comanches are encouraged to come too. You can swing by for a night of camping or bum a ride for the trails on Saturday. :D Bone stock 4x4s needn’t fear either, as there isn’t a winch among us so we’ll be sticking to the 1 and 2 rated trails.
If anyone knows anybody with a Comanche, please spread the word! :D
Jeep on!
P.S. My apologies for double posting and whatnot, but there’s only three weeks left to track down every MJ owner we can and the fact that there are so few Comanches out there makes that fairly difficult (and the number of available owners within easy driving distance of the ‘Lands has got to be miniscule).
Zap this post if you must, but nobody say I didn’t try. :D

My email: [email protected]
The Comanche Yahoo Group: http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/jeepcomanche/
The Badlands: http://www.badlandsoffroad.com/main.htm
The Attica Family Campground: http://www.atticacamping.com/index.html
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