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You asked, and we listened!

We are proud to offer, for the first time,
a fully welded 1 ton steering kit that fits...

Jeep XJ, TJ, LJ, ZJ & MJ

This kit, like so many of our other famous packages
features 1.5" OD x .25" DOM tube, paired with
Forged 1 ton GM rod ends. The tubes are bent for
the clearance needed to clear any diff cover, and the
whole kit is professionally welded right here in the USA.

All together making perhaps the strongest bolt-in kit
available for 10+ years of amazing Jeeps.

BTW, we've had these on 2 XJ's and 2 TJ's
for the last 3 months testing them and they are great!

The Ruffstuff Jeep heavy duty steering kit is the result and here are the features that make it stand out as the strongest and most durable while keeping the price fair. One of the biggest problems people have faced over the years when moving to larger tires and lifts are dramatically increased instances of bump steer/roll steer and potentially death wobble. When using the factory T link steering a compression will cause a toe out situation immediately followed as the vehicle unweights by an extreme toe in situation. Using a complete tie rod as you do with a Y Link you eliminate the constant toe in/toe out motion caused by the Inverted T design itself. That motion itself essentially is what death wobble is (constant toe in/toe out movement).

How do we eliminate tie rod roll? We have been making the item we call “The Cure” since 2014 with great results, it really does help with many steering issues. For our new steering kits we have a new model cure for the greater flexibility required for a high clearance steering. This “New Cure” does not replace the old cure. The New Cure can be used under the tie rod ends at the knuckles, combined with one at the Y Link connection greatly lessens tie rod roll. Tie rod roll can also contribute to death wobble, this is why our “cure” is such an important piece of this kit.

This is a bolt in replacement for factory steering on vehicles with up to a 4” lift. This will work up to 6” of lift with a drop pitman arm and extended track bar, however, you will need to increase the knuckle taper to account for the much stronger ¾” taper vs the stock ⅝” taper on the pitman arm and knuckles.

Please feel free to call, PM, or email with any questions, and check out the link below!

Jeep 1-ton High-Clearance Steering Kit

Sales Orfice:
(916) 600-1945
[email protected]

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