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Jeep YJ Soft-Top.. Best Top

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I have a YJ Best Top soft top for sale.

It's a newer style (at least to me) it is framed around where the door closes, and is a slider support system so you can easily lay it down over the roll cage and not have to line-up any pins or anything. The top is in AWESOME like new condition, and the rear windows are clear with no scrapes or cuts in them. This is for the top, all frame work, rear two windows, and very rear window. I will get exact model # and picture soon. $400

Located in Orangevale, CA.
I can ship but you pay shipping + packaging at UPS store as I don't have a box big enough.

Also, if you have white hard doors we will trade you for white hard half doors with soft uppers.
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Anyone interested, this is a tan soft-top. PERFECT condition. NICE frame, and seal around the door area not just material on material, a REAL FRAME.
High Quality YJ Soft-Top for sale right here folks.
Will you meet me in Reno Tomorrow Ill buy it
Will you meet me in Reno Tomorrow Ill buy it
Sent PM, I can't sorry.
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