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I want one. anyone seen these around? anyone have one? i have been trying to find a comfortable CC rig and havent found anything i like. at 22 bucks cant be too bad of an investment.

I have one, and it sits in the bag it came in. I used it once, and then put it away for a few reasons. The most important reason has already been stated. A holster should always cover the trigger unless you are a comp shooter with a race gun. Second reason is that it is uncomfortable as hell. A good holster will keep the entire gun off your body, and redistribute the weight and bulge to a wider area. If you want the most comfortable holster available for CC, check out the Super tuck from Crossbreed Holsters. I have hundreds of dollars worth of top brand leather and kydex holsters and none are as comfortable as the Crossbreed. None are as ugly either, but hey its CONCEALED carry so no one should see it anyway.
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