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Junkyard D60 in a TJ

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Anyone thrown a junkyard D60 in the front of a TJ? I'm looking for advice/suggestions from anyone that has done it. Setting up the spring plates, building a jig, etc...

I'd greatly appericate any advice.

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I picked up a set of 79 F350 D60s for my TJ, for $1325. They are pretty caked with shit and rusty. I'm going to sand blast them and run them full width with hydro assist. If I start breaking shafts, i'll upgrade to 35 splines later. I need to check out the 82' calipers to see if they will work on the front to fit 15's.

If you run coil overs you wont have to worry about coil buckets, but they are pretty expensive. I may try to triangulate the uppers to get rid of the tracbar also.

Going to be a fun swap. :)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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