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I am sorry if this has been covered before but since the search function is down I figured I would go ahead and ask. I am looking at helping my brother put fuel injection on his 318 in his 83 Ramcharger. I am a Jeep guy and know nothing about Dodges (but would like to learn). He picked it up because it was cheap from a friend. We are both poor college students so we have more time than money. So junkyard swaps are better than kits. He is looking to go to fuel injection, because he is jealous of my 4.0L powered CJ7. He wants to use the TBI system off an 88-92 Chevy, but I like at least trying to keep it all in the family where you can. So I think he should use a dodge system. So my question is there any easy TBI swap for a 318? By easy I was hoping we could pull the system (intake and all) off a newer motor and bolt it up to his. His engine has low miles for how old it as and good compression so he isn’t looking for an engine swap, just a good cheap junkyard EFI. What years should we be looking at? When did Dodge start using TBI?
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