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I was digging through a wrecking yard today looking for some parts for my newest project when I thought, "I wonder what weird or unusual parts people are using on their rigs." Post up your junkyard gems. I'll start with the venerable Taurus fan and Suzuki Samurai fuse block. What else do you take from other vehicles to make yours better?

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intrepid dual fans (3.3 or 3.5 l engines)

intrepid tranny coolers make good p/s coolers (they are 4x11x1.5 tube/plate style coolers)

import trans coolers same thing

intrepid (or almost any make for that matter) a/c condensor makes a good evaporator/air cooler for your air compressor at home

fuse blocks & relay panels from late model cars (some have fuse/relay panels that hold plenty of both)

headlight switches from a mid 90's mercury sable or ford taurus make good 3 postion switches that will handle a fair amount of current (I use mine to control my fans, headlights, and interior blower motor) and don't require going thru off to change speeds

relays from most newer cars will work well, and have power to both the off & on terminals, so you can have power thru them when not energized, and switch power when they are

junction blocks from late model gm products are good for power/ground feeds

the self starting screws used for most body panels....easy to take, and easy to use

I always grab as many fuses/relays/screws/clips/etc as I can to replenish my supply

the knuckle buster clamps the OEM uses on radiator hoses. They don't loosen when the weather changes like worm clamps do..they stay tight much better

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mid 80's Caddy air compressor (from suspension) to run an ARB

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I took a rearview mirror from an S10 blazer and put it in my XJ, because I liked the blingin' little lights under it.

Spare tire carriers make good starts for tube doors.

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Not a junkyard find, but I scored a complete 79 F250 that was sitting in the weeds at work. D60's at both ends for zero dollars. Gave the whole truck to someone else in exchange for removing the axles for me. Free rears and no work went into it. Sahweet.

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York Compressors- Somebody is ALWAYS needing a shop compressor or OBA compressor.

Dodge Raider/Mitsubishi Montero Clinometer- These things show your pitch, roll, and even feature a compass!!

Dodge Raider/Mitsubishi Montero Seats- Front drivers seat is a bouncy seat, the passenger seat is solid but tilts forward, and the rear seat is a small fold and tumble seat great for Jeeps, Nissan Patrols, FJ-40's, and maybe Land Rovers and others I cannot think of at the moment.

Pulleys- There seems to always be a vehichle out there with a pulley that you can use to add OBA, an extra alternator, and stuff like that.

4.3L Remote oil filter adapters- These are great for adding an oil cooler, relocating your oil filter, and all kinds of cool stuff.

Old hubs- Great for mounts on spare tire carriers!

Alternator pulleys- Some vehichles(I know IHC pickups for sure) had deep pulleys. These work great for keeping the belt on your alternator!!

Hydroboost setups- A great upgrade for a 4x4 with a lopey cam.

Saab Turbo Seatbelts- VERY tough belts, and great for adding shoulder belts to your old truck.

DSM bucket seats- Theyve got high sides, low profile mounts, and the drivers seat has an adjustable lumbar support... mmm... lumbar support...

2.5-ton Chevies, Fords, Dodges, IHC's, etc. air tanks- Usually have atleast 1 5gal tank on the truck.

Scout II power steering boxes- Great upgrade for Landcruisers, Patrols, Samurais, and countless other 4x4's. Easy to tap into for ram assist.

2.5L S-10, Toyota minitruck, etc. Power steering reservoirs- Helps alot when you have power steering, hydroboost, and ram assist.

Ford/AMC Starter solenoids- Great for extra lights that draw alot of amps, and such...

In addition to what TheRamChargerMan said- BULBS!!! Seems like I can never have enough...

Yeah, Im very resourceful... ;)

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dana 44 HP to replace my ttb front.
TRE castle nuts to replace some old rusted and stripped ones.
Drive shaft and yoke to replace the one that exited my truck while I was driving down a small highway...back in HS..... .... ... .... ....on prom night....:laughing:
Starter soloniod from an older honda motorcycle. Perfect replacement for my cracked soloniod. Put it on around 4 years ago and is still on the truck today :D
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