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Where she starts. Pictured is how she sits as I bought her 3 days ago.
1978 k5 cheyanne trim
350sbc th350 np203
Current build plan
-long tube headers to accompany the rest of the exhaust work. Possibly flowmaster possibly just jegs
-four wheel disc brakes
-arb air lockers front and rear because what’s a lift without lockers
She will be getting a rack on top with kc daylighters
-will mount a winch below the stock bumper for my friends that get stuck (I’m perfect I don’t get stuck)

-eventual 4 link it
-eventual cage it
-replace rusted out body panels

Will also be building the engine so some of y’all might see me posting over on Chevy forums as well. Don’t have the specifics planned out yet but here’s the current plan
-Edlebrock air gap intake
-either edlebrock 750 carb or Holley sniper efi
-msd ignition setup
-aluminum heads undecided at the moment

As I take her out as is and throughout he build it’s likely to change but these are my current plans for her to be fully capable to drive daily but also get out in the woods on a weekend

I guess I should introduce myself. I grew up in the state of California with a lifted s10 blazer that was fixed with duct tape zip ties Lucas oil stop leak and everything else you can afford at 16. Took it out every chance I could to desert or fire access roads in the hills. Mud if god so graciously gave us rain. Moved to South Carolina for two years where I first got a taste of what a real truck could do when I bought someone’s rusted out k10 with a 383. Took it out to the mud bogs once took it through the woods a lot. Loved it but couldn’t do anything to it without cutting off the frame and welding a solid structure in which inhibited me from doing more but I learned to love trails through the woods and had it off the ground to make up for the otherwise lack of flex in suspension to get past obstacles but wanted something more. Didn’t have the time for a project and got a Ram with a Cummins. Took it out once and smoked the trans that day. Came to Virginia and now I have this blazer. I want to for the first time do a proper build and not just some duct tape kinda stuff
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