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Just another newbie pic!

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Not really. I have lurked for a year, and have portrayed a sponge in that time. The knowledge that I have gained here has helped me a ton with improving my cruiser. I have not gotten a red star yet, but I have found a way to post a pic, so here goes:

The Day I bought her - 78 FJ40
Not running, but ran great the last time she did run (Imagine that!) $800.00 and 6 hours away, but close to a friends farm

And the way she stands now, after a SOA, home made SR, cut and turn, homemade bumpers, I have a bolt on cage, but it wont fit in the garage with it on, 35 BFG MT's, Honda seats (only 1 mounted right now). I bought a new HY-Steer from Marlin yesterday, and I have mini-truck knuckles to put on. In the garage there is a desmogged intake manifold and weber 32/36, downey header, warn 5687, and some new aisan hubs.

The cat is okay.
Also SS brake lines, new fenders, and the tub is getting paint, nothing fancy, one piece at a time.

The front axle is being rebuilt right now and knuckles changed for the HY-Steer and Saginaw P/S. Also, discs will be in the rear before I wheel it again. I guess I'll add one more pic cause it means alot to me. This is me and my best friend, who wheels a 92 4runner. I won't go into specs, but it's a pretty sweet rig also. This is from Valentines Day 2003, in George Washington NAtional Forest. We got 13 inches of snow in the afternoon and my little 28's, skinny as hell, kicked mucho ass on the trails, getting up and over obstacles that a lifted Jeep sitting on 36/14.50 swampers just kept sliding down.

(Me on the Right)
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The cat in the 2nd pic was not harmed....I know - Bummer:flipoff2:
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