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I was pointed to an online classifieds place today by a guy that is selling off a few firearms. He told me he would be listing some of his on here so I went to look.

Quite a few pages of ads for everything from ammunition to reloading to firearms. Saw what I think are some decent deals compared to a lot of prices I have seen lately and thought you guys might like to take a look.

All ads are for things for sale in Idaho.

to give an idea of some of the items. Just a quick look through found me ads for at least one Galil, one M1A, one GSG-5, a few SKS's, a handful of AK's, and all kinds of other rifles and handguns, as well as several decent deals on bulk ammunition and reloading equipment. Hope you guys can find some good deals in there. This is a direct link to the Guns classifieds page. They also have a huge listing of other classifieds sections

ZIdaho online classifieds
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