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just ordered my Aussie locker...anyone installed one???

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hey just got done ordering my Aussie locker...price goes up Jan. 1st...2 days, so i had to get it in. has anyone installed one? i really don't have that much mechanical work to my credit on my cruiser yet but hope to learn....how hard is installing the locker?
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i dont think that you will have a problem wit the install....i just got mine and the directions are pretty easy to follow, and i have no real experience with diffs. the only problem that i ran into was the fact that i have a posi carrier in my 44, the AL requires a stock/open carrier, so i am now in search of a nnew carrier...........other than that the directions are straight forward and easy to follow, godd luck, just take your time :D
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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