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just ordered my Aussie locker...anyone installed one???

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hey just got done ordering my Aussie locker...price goes up Jan. 1st...2 days, so i had to get it in. has anyone installed one? i really don't have that much mechanical work to my credit on my cruiser yet but hope to learn....how hard is installing the locker?
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pay attention to thrust washer thickness and center shaft dia. as the wear on these combined with wear where the thrust washer rides caused my brand new locker to skip after one trip.

if the carrier is worn you can use the thicker thrust washers to compensate. Check the spread between locker halves as mentioned in last reply. Really is more critical than seems. You can also use the locker till it starts to skip then turn the halves to the other side and this puts pressure points on fresh side of notches. Probably just buy air-locker and wait for Aussie to crap out.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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