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just ordered my Aussie locker...anyone installed one???

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hey just got done ordering my Aussie locker...price goes up Jan. 1st...2 days, so i had to get it in. has anyone installed one? i really don't have that much mechanical work to my credit on my cruiser yet but hope to learn....how hard is installing the locker?
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awesome...thanks guys
after i install it i will write how it works for me
what can you do if there is wear on the parts mentioned? and what tools will i need for the install? and if my existing parts wear out will it break the locker?
how can you tell if the washers are worn? and how big of a deal is it to replace them...prices...and the center pin as well? how can i tell if i need to replace these..i would rather do it all at the same time while its all apart

one last question...if I install it and it starts to slip has the locker been ruined? or if i replace the worn parts will it function as it should?
thanks guys

so if the measurement is too far, go by toyota and get some new wasers(shims)...are the washers and shims the same thing???
yeti.....did you have to replace them??? how do you like your locker in the rear?
yeah well, they still havn't sent mine yet and i'm getting pissed....i ordered it on Dec 29th....its gay
yeah i'm getting pissed, we should get a discount or something

i really wish i just had the money to get FJ-80 lockers now and not later....but i'm poor
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