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just ordered my Aussie locker...anyone installed one???

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hey just got done ordering my Aussie locker...price goes up Jan. 1st...2 days, so i had to get it in. has anyone installed one? i really don't have that much mechanical work to my credit on my cruiser yet but hope to learn....how hard is installing the locker?
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piece of cake, same as the EZ-lock or LockRite

See my tech links for pics I took of the process during a bench install...might help some.
therealdill said:
how can you tell if the washers are worn? and how big of a deal is it to replace them...prices...and the center pin as well? how can i tell if i need to replace these..i would rather do it all at the same time while its all apart

one last question...if I install it and it starts to slip has the locker been ruined? or if i replace the worn parts will it function as it should?
Visually, you can't. Replacing is easy, you can see the two large washers in the pics on my writeup. They are about $8 each, available in a handful of thicknesses. Before you button up the locker install, a measurement can be taken, too high a number means the washers are too thin.

I had my EZ-lock installed with 33's and it worked great. Put on 38.5's and it didn't work at all. Thicker shims would have solved it. Zero locker damage, but I pulled it after only a few miles of trail use. Road use won't hurt it at all, even if it does slip. It's high traction/slip situations (mine was snow) where it will act VERY poorly, and where damage might occur.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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